Today is the Day


Today’s the day that I have to say thank you and good bye to my parents and say hello to my roommates. I woke up early this morning to finish a few of my last minute things and to bake some chocolate chip cookies for everyone (I wanted it to smell homey and yummy whenever they arrived!)

Everyone came pretty evenly spaced out which worked really well as multiple people moving in all at once can get pretty crazy and space-crunched. Also, this way I was able to have some one-on-one conversation with all of them. I am living with the same girls from last semester which I am extremely excited about because I know that it works and that we will all get along without anyone being left out.

It also worked out perfectly because I had to go to a meeting for peer advising, so they were all able to get a little time for themselves in order to get their stuff situated. When I came back I have to say that our apartment still has a little ways to go, but it is starting to come together and look lovely!