Trunk or Treat!

11.01.2011Every year Dayton Public Schools participate in something known as Trunk or Treat. This year, I decided to participate as well with a few friends of mine. Trunk or Treat is an event where you park your car in the parking lot of one of the Dayton schools and pass out candy from it. They started this program, because a lot of the surrounding neighborhoods are not safe enough for the children to go trick-or-treating in, so this is a way for them to still get all dressed up in their costume and go “trick-or-treating.” We had signed up for the event at Kiser elementary school, which has every grade from preschool all the way through eighth, so we saw a wide variety of costumes. Even though it was freezing and rainy, we still had a great time. My friends and I decided to dress up like football players, because it was something easy and fun. We only lasted about a half hour until all of our candy ran out, but we still stuck around and looked at everyone’s costumes. We are all definitely planning on participating again next year, although we will certainly be buying a lot more bags of candy so that we can last longer!