Turf's Up

10.04.2011At the end of last year Stuart field was fenced off and we weren’t exactly sure of what was in the plans for it. This year, we were told that they are going to be laying down turf instead of the grass that used to be there. I have to say that the turf is looking very nice and is actually almost done already! They also added a larger fence with actual doors in order to enter the field which will be nice for all of those students that partake in intramurals—as they use Stuart field for their events. Although, I will definitely miss the old Stuart field where my friends and I would sit last year on evenings and watch all of the people try to walk up it in the dark. I will also miss all of the mud that the hill used to provide and witnessing the “mud fights” that occurred in it. Nonetheless, I am glad that my tuition dollars are going towards something that I can use and I hope that it opens up soon, so that we can start using it all over again!