Twin Towers Idol

02.29.2012Today I went to my Head Start placement at Twin Towers, just like I do every Tuesday morning. But, today was a little more interesting than most days with my preschoolers, because for their circle time, they would each be singing a song in a set up that is similar to American Idol. It was really cute because my mentor teacher made a backdrop with cut out stars and the title “Twin Towers Idol.” Then, she set up a little “stage” made from two step-stools pushed together. Lastly, she had a small plastic microphone set up that the students could hold as they performed. Some of the students were a little too shy to perform, but the ones that did were really into it. They would dance, and just keep going on and on. Also, the students could choose any song that they wanted to, so there were some songs that were definitely made up by the children, along with itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, and the ABCs. My partner and I got to be the judges and after each performance, we would say “TEN!” or “Two thumbs up!” and the kids would laugh and laugh and take a bow. Afterwards, the teacher would give them a ticket to Hollywood. It was such an adorable moment for the kids and you could tell that they were all very proud of themselves. Not only did this experience assess the children’s musical skills, but it allowed them to gain some more confidence and self esteem which is so important to learn at a young age. However, then it was mentioned that all of the teachers should perform. So, we watched my mentor teacher do a rap, the assistant teacher sing Barney and the other assistant teacher sing a song about the parts of the body. Then it was my turn and my partner’s turn, so we decided to do a duet. A lot of the girls in our class really like Justin Bieber, or “Justin Beaver” as they call him, so my partner and I sang a little piece of one of his songs and the class cracked up. It was such a fun way to start my morning, especially seeing all of their smiling faces.