10.01.2011Last night I fell asleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. It was pretty much one crazy night, but let me start at the beginning. First of all, my friends and I decided to have a mellow night of staying in and watching the movie Tangled, which is adorable if you’ve never seen it. Anyways, after the movie we got to talking and ended up in a pretty deep conversation, one of those conversations where the room seems really still and everyone is deep in either thought or listening. Then the fire alarm went off and scared all of us with how loud it was. Thinking that it was just a drill, we just grabbed our keys and phones. I didn’t have anything else to grab, like a jacket, because I wasn’t in my room. By the way, this was around midnight. Since it was cold and rainy outside we decided to stand by the main entrance in between the two doors that let you inside of the building. But, this time, unlike other drills, there were rumors that there was a real fire. Then there were rumors that there’s scorching water flooding the whole building, and that it was coming from the second floor...my floor. At this time, I was a little worried about how bad the damage would be and I was curious about what was really going on. Luckily, at this moment, one of my roommates called me to tell me what had happened. Apparently, the room right next to ours had a water pipe burst, which eventually caused parts of the ceiling to collapse from being saturated with water. Since it was hot water that was in the pipe, there was a lot of steam, which was the reason that the fire alarm had gone off. So, because of this, VWK was locked down during the fire alarm. Since we could not enter the building, nor did we want to, we decided to go and sit at the Empo. It was a pretty short walk, which was good because it was freezing outside and I didn’t have my coat on. We waited for around an hour, until we were told that the alarm was off and we could re-enter the building. My friends and I slowly walked up the two flights of stairs, anxious about the damage and whether or not my room was affected at all. It was extremely hot and still pretty steamy up there. The first thing I saw were police and a lot of people in the hall way. There was debris all over the floor, and the carpet was completely saturated with water. I really can’t explain how much of a mess it was. But, lucky for me, it was just past my room and nothing in my room was affected. Also, no one was injured. Of course, UD always handles stuff very well so they had a mechanic up there in no time. They also found the girls’ other housing for the night. And, they began the clean up process right away, which would be why I fell asleep to the vacuum cleaner—but I didn’t get to sleep until this long process was over at about 2:30 in the morning. What a night!