We Need More Candy!!

10.27.2010Today we had the children from the inner city area come to trick-or-treat in our residence hall. We decorated our hall with fake cobwebs, spiders, caution tape, and Halloween posters. At the end of our hall in the lounge, we had a black light and blow up ghosts. It looked pretty awesome and very festive!

The trick-or-treaters were supposed to come around 6 oÂ’clock, and we were told that it normally isnÂ’t very busy in the beginning because weÂ’re the first floor, and the children start at the top floor. I worked out and grabbed some dinner to take back to my dorm. It was a little after 6 when I walked in and there were people and children everywhere! I quickly went to my room, and luckily my roommate was there passing out candy. It was crazy! My roommate and I were both trying to eat our dinner, so I held the pumpkin bucket full of candy, while she passed it out. Our system was working pretty well.

Then, it happened. We had three pieces of candy left in our bucket...and four children by our door. We wanted to be fair, so we closed our eyes to pass out the candy. Then, we scurried around our room looking for more things that we might be able to pass out. We finally decided to pick out all of the flavors from our candy that we didnÂ’t like. Our pumpkin bucket was now filled with purple pixie stix and red and green gummies. But, we quickly ran out of those too! And we were only 45 minutes into the trick-or-treating! Overall, it was a lot of fun even with all of the craziness!! I thought that it was a really nice idea for the children since they were less fortunate, and they were all sooo happy and excited to be there! Next year, IÂ’ll be bringing more candy!