We've Got Spirit, If You Wanna Hear It!

09.11.2011Today we decided to celebrate one of my roommate’s birthdays so we ordered a pizza and then decided to go to the Women’s Volleyball game and Men’s Soccer game. This was my first time attending a volleyball and a soccer game at UD and I have to say that the atmosphere is amazing. As soon as you walk into the gym, all you can see is red. There are even people who decide to wear wigs or masks in order to show their team spirit. These events were the kickoff to Red Scare, which is an organization on campus in which you attend sporting events and earn points which you can redeem for tickets to the Men’s Basketball games. The volleyball game was very close and pretty intense to watch. There aren’t any cheerleaders at these events, but I have to say that they were not needed. So many of the students in the stands had spirit that they would start common chants that would soon spread throughout the whole entire gym! It was really fun to be around and I would recommend that every student goes to some sporting events during their time at Dayton. After the games, we went back to our suite and surprised her with cupcakes while we sang “Happy Birthday!” What better way to spend your birthday than with the Flyer spirit?!