Work, Play, and Surprises

10.14.2011Today, I had to work on an assignment for one of my classes. I had to do this over fall break, because in order to complete the project, I need to observe a kindergarten-aged child and I do not know any little kids around the Dayton area, so I had asked a babysitting client if I would be permitted to watch their child. I was excited because I have been babysitting for this family for four years and I haven’t had the chance to see them in a while, due to me being away at school. So, even though I had to do homework while I was there this time, it still wasn’t all that bad because I got to see and play with children that I have literally watched grow up. Then, when I came home, my mom had one of my favorite dinners waiting for me. We ate, and then we went over another family friend’s house to visit. When I got there, her granddaughter (who’s seven years old) surprised us by jumping out from behind the couch, which was really cute. She also had set the table and made little paper menus of the desserts that were available for us to eat, as well as put a pumpkin by my spot on the table, that she had painted for me (which is actually currently resting on my windowsill). Then, when we got home, my brother had surprised us by deciding to come home for the weekend. So, we all caught up and spent some quality family time together. All is right in our world and I'd say it was a great day of reunions!