Wow, we're known for stadium mustard...

10.20.2010You learn quickly at college that when free food is offered—you go! So, today Art Street had free food from 25 different states sponsored by our alumni. Believe me, it was as awesome as it sounds!! It was a really cool experience; they had it organized by city/state, and the places ranged from Cincinnati all the way to Puerto Rico!

Let’s talk about the food. They had quesadillas, soft pretzels, sweet tea, beef brisket, Graeters, hot dogs—anything you could ever imagine!! I was excited and curious to see what my hometown of Cleveland was known for. Turns out, we’re known for stadium mustard, which was pretty disappointing, especially since I don’t even like it. But, it was comical none the less. I would have to say my favorite thing was the sweet tea-it was absolutely delicious from Raleigh, North Carolina, so they know how to make it!

I really enjoyed this event. Art Street always has events that are different from the usual college activities, and it’s somewhat of a walk, so I sometimes feel like I’m going off of campus, which is a nice break every once in a while. All I have to say though, is a full stomach plus walking up a huge hill can be a pretty positive thing—I’m sure I burned pretty much all of the calories I had just consumed!