Road Trip!

02.17.2013 | Campus and Community

This past weekend was spent in Chicago with some of my brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi—my professional business fraternity.  Each year in Chicago they hold an event known as PBLI—Principled Business Leadership Institute.

We had nine brothers going so we rented one of the lovely UD vans and got on the road with our snacks, music, and stories.  One of the guys going offered for us to stay at his house which was a little ways away from the conference.  This was extremely nice because this way we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. 

When we arrived at his house, his adorable parents had already made us dinner and had the house decorated for us, which was very generous and sweet.  Then, we all went to his city’s downtown area and got some gelato and walked around—even though it was freezing! I loved this small was so cute! After warming up we watched a movie and went to sleep-we had an early day tomorrow.

In the morning, we caught an early train in order to go into the town of Chicago for our day of speakers.  The hotel where everything was being held was gorgeous! We started off the morning by listening to the President of the fraternity speak, which was very interesting. Then we divided and conquered the rest of the speakers—some of us attending seminars on professional dress, others on improving attendance at Chapter. 

Mid-afternoon we had a lunch break with a delicious three course meal provided by the hotel.  Then, it was back to more speakers.  I have to say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be.  Most of the speakers were actually interesting and it was beneficial to listen to their advice and suggestions.

After the conference, we explored the city for a little while in the bitter cold and waited foreeeevvveerrr for dinner (ahh city living!) then we caught the late night train filled with the entertainment of intoxicated old people back to his town of Geneva.  And in the morning, it was back to UD. A fun filled weekend full of brotherhood bonding.


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