02.08.2013 | Education

Today I went to the SECO Conference that was being held in Dayton’s Convention Center with my cousin.  SECO stands for Science Education Council of Ohio.  My cousin had invited me because she is a teacher back around Cleveland who is going to be starting a STEM school with a few other teachers from her school.  She had to do a presentation and thought that I might want to join her, being a future teacher and all.

I really enjoyed being able to see her in her element—talking about PBLs (Project Based Learning) and how to implement STEM within your classroom.  A lot of the other speakers were also interesting—all having science based lectures.  Then, we enjoyed a nice lunch where they did a raffle as well as gave away a ton of freebies (which I definitely hit up!)

After lunch, however, my day started to get a little rough.  Apparently during lunch at some point, my entire water bottle had leaked out into my purse drenching everything—yuck!  Then, when going to leave, I couldn’t find my car in the parking garage...worst. feeling. ever.  But, luckily I eventually found it and only left with a little embarrassment. 

Despite the ending to my day, it was wonderful to see my cousin and get some professional development practice in while I was at it! I can't wait to visit her STEM school someday!


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