Study Break


It’s the first Saturday night back on campus and I’m sitting in my apartment taking a study break.  The past two days I have been in all day workshops so that I can become certified as a personal trainer!  There are about 8 people in my class and our instructor is super cool and to the point-which is good considering we have such a short time to learn everything.  The days have definitely been long but I have really been enjoying learning about everything fitness and nutrition related!

Anyways, I am studying because tomorrow is the big day!  I have to take my written test and a practical test.  I am a little nervous, since we have not had a lot of time to process everything and I’m not a major fan of cramming 18 chapters worth of information into my brain.  At least I have the textbook and a lot of notes to look over, including well over one hundred notecards.  The hardest part is going to be the anatomy section, since I don’t have any prior experience with exercise science or physiology like a lot of the other students do.  But hopefully everything will sink into my brain and I'll be able to remember it tomorrow.

Well, I have to get back to studying!  Long and early day tomorrow—wish me luck!


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