A Feeling Like No Other

10.09.2007"There is no feeling quite like going to the home opener for UD football. I found out really fast, just how much fun the games really are. Before we left the dorms, we got a group of guys from our floor and painted letters spelling out G-O-F-L-Y-E-R-S-!. After we finished our artistic body painting, it was time to head to the game.

We walked outside where we were picked up by a shuttle bus which takes the students up to the stadium a few miles away. When we arrived, everybody was so pumped and ready to cheer for the football team. As a group, we decided to go to the very top of the bleachers, where would have room to breathe and scream our lungs out.

Every time the football team made a defensive stop, or scored a touchdown, we went absolutely crazy. We had the camera crew record us on the scoreboard screen, along with numerous pictures taken by students and fans. Midway through the third quarter, we left, with the Flyers having at lead of 34-7 lead over Urbana. Before we left, the leader of the Red Scare (student section), told us that they would save the front row of bleachers for us, as long as we painted our bodies for each home game. I thought, ""How awesome is it going to be in the front row, going crazy in front of everybody?""

As we walked out, we discussed how much fun we had, and how we were pumped for the next home game which is next Saturday. While sitting on the bus, heading back to campus, I thought to myself, ""How lucky did I get? I'm surrounded with a bunch of my friends having a great time, watching the best college sport, and having our Dayton Flyers extend their record to 2-0.""

Although this week is going to be stressful dealing with a pre-calculus test, a biology lab quiz, and an exam in chemistry, at the end of the week, all stress will be released as we cheer on the Flyers to go for winning three straight games. Until then, I will be studying. Go Flyers!!!