Back in the Dirty D


In my mind, I’m thinking, “it feels great to be back on campus at UD.” My day started off by waking up around 5:30 am in order to leave the house by 6 am. However, I got delayed a little bit because I had forgotten my uniforms at my dad’s house. Thankfully he only lives ten minutes away, so I wasn’t too far behind schedule. I said by to my family, and started my drive. The first hour or so is never bad because of all the traffic in Atlanta, but once I’m out of the busier areas, it’s easy to catch myself getting tired. My answer to this problem is to drink a 5 hour extra energy within the first few hours of driving. This helps keep me awake and when it got lighter out, it was smooth sailing from there.

Usually the drive is supposed to take 8 ½ hours. However, the past few times driving back and forth I have when getting the drove done around 7 ½ hours. Today was no different. I ended up doing the drive in 7 hours and 20 minutes with only one stop. Let’s just say I was going about 80 mph. I mean, obviously that is over the speed limit, but it wasn’t like I was being reckless about it.

When I saw the Dayton skyline, I knew I was close to my second home. I was back to take on my last semester of college. After unpacking the car, I got some much needed food with my roommates Pat and Sully along with PatÂ’s girlfriend Kaitlyn. We hit up the Chipotle on Brown Street (where most restaurants/fast food is off campus). After going a month without it, Chipotle tasted delicious.

The rest of today has been pretty relaxing. I think a group of us are going to the Recplex at 7 to go play some basketball. I already know IÂ’m going to be sore and tired since it has been months since I have played, but itÂ’s a good way to get back into the gym. Tomorrow, IÂ’ll start back with my workout routine and my eventual goal of getting 7% body fat. But for now, IÂ’m going to get off of here and hang out with the roommates. Have a great rest of your MLK day. Be safe and make good choices!