Being On Time


After a great New Years Eve with my friends and a great New Years Day watching the Dayton Flyers win in double overtime against New Mexico, it was time to get the packing I needed to get done so I could leave between 7-8 am this morning. Why did I plan to leave this early? On top of a 7 ½-8 hour drive, my goal was to make it the practice of one of my youth cheerleading teams I help coach when I am back home. In order to make their 4:30 practice time, I needed to leave no later than 8 am.

In order to make sure this happened, I pretty much relaxed after an exciting game yesterday. An extra ten minutes of basketball at the arena with 13,000 fans can really raise your blood pressure along with wear you out. The remainder of the day was watching college football, sleeping, and ended up packing last night. Unfortunately I did not sleep good at all. It was the first time I was in the house all by myself. At night, when everything is silent, the house makes noises. IÂ’m not exactly sure if itÂ’s the water or the air conditioning, but at times it seemed to freak me out just a little bit since it sounded like someone was walking up the stairs. Eventually after a long night with little sleep, my alarm went off and it was time to hit the road back home to Atlanta.

After filling up, I started my drive. For the most part, the drive was not too bad. However, at times when it’s just you and the radio, you can get bored especially when you have no one to talk to. Staying awake is sometimes a problem as well. To help fight the urge to sleep I simply have a 5 hour extra energy to make sure I don’t doze off to my death. Making as few stops as I need, I end up making it to the practice with some time to spare. Some may ask, “why is this so important to you…to make this practice?”. The answer: I love my job but even more I love the kids I work with. And to see their face when I walk in and see them start running towards me gives me a feeling like no other. They are literally my second family. When I’m down in the dumps, they always make me smile. Another reason for being present at practice is to help the team prepare for a competition they have next Sunday. I am excited because I will get to watch them compete for the first time since the beginning of December when I saw them compete in Gatlinburg.

After a long day of driving and a 3 hour practice, I am finally home. It has been a long but exciting day for me, and I am truly blessed to be in the presence of my family and friends. IÂ’m now home for two weeks to enjoy the warmer weather compared to Ohio. I hope everybodyÂ’s break has been enjoyable. IÂ’m going to get off here and go enjoy the rest of mine. Be safe and make good choices!