Yet another weekend that is flying by

01.25.2009I woke up this morning realizing the sad fact that it was Sunday already.All it really means is that all my procrastinating for homework has to be done today including some studying for a big chemistry test I have on Wednesday. But before I start any it, we have a basketball game against St. Bonaventure. After a close call last game, we need to win this conference game to help push us towards the top of the A-10. At the moment Xavier is at the top with a perfect record in the conference. Our basketball team has some promising talent, but at times, I doubt how much we can actually do. Hopefully our team can pull it together and work as a team and pull off another victory today.

As for the rest of my weekend, I did not do a whole lot. Friday I worked out and just hungout the rest of the day. Saturday I worked about six hours then ended the day with some George Lopez and Home Improvement.

Well, I must go get ready for the game. Im guessing I should wear something warm as I watch the snow fall outside my window. Have a great rest of your weekend.

As always, be safe and make good choices