Back in it

06.21.2012 | Students

We generally call the first week back "syllabus week." It has the reputation for being easy, because teachers usually just hand out the course syllabus, review it, and let us out early. While this has been the case some semesters, it's definitely not the case for spring 2013! It's Wednesday, and I've just completed my third day of classes. Needless to say, I'm overwhelmed already. It takes me a little bit to get into a routine, especially at the beginning of the semester. It's hard not knowing my own schedule, and it's equally as hard not knowing others' - it makes trying to find a meeting time very difficult. I have been assigned one design project already (30 conceptual sketches due tomorrow), I have a writing assignment due Friday for religion & the arts, and I'm learning about geology (of all things) in order to design a mini-museum in the basement of the science center for an advanced design course.


Additionally, I've been setting up meetings with the editors of Orpheus trying to decide when events will be, and what the publication will look like, so that we can set up a meeting with a printer and paper representative in order to get a quote. And yet, within the past couple days, we have cooked some pretty delicious meals! Breaded pork chops with garlic and spinach orzo on Monday, and potato soup yesterday! My goal is to be in bed tonight no later than midnight... get a solid 8 hours of sleep and be ready to go for studio class in the morning. This is going to be a crazy, but awesome semester!


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