Finals Week

06.21.2012 | Studentsfinals

There's me, going insane with the amount of work I have.

I was reading this one funny blurb about finals week, and it said, "Oh it's finals week? Time to do laundry, clean the whole apartment, and pick a new, obscure, hobby."

But it's so true.

Our room has done all of the above things, except maybe the obscure hobby. For example, right now I should be working on an essay. But my brain has had too much overload to do that. So instead, I drew on myself with Henna, (as did my roommates.) We did the dishes meticulously after dinner. And after I write this blog, I may paint my nails. Somehow, during finals week, I have the urge to do anything but study. But that's okay - I've been SUPER productive lately. I made a hardcover book for my typography final, and I finished a printmaking project this weekend that isn't due until Wednesday. All in all, I'm ahead of the game. And I think tonight, I may just relax.

I've been fighting a cold, so I'm thinking I'll just sit here on the couch for the good majority of the night. Maybe I'll even make some tea, or put on the TV (what's TV?! We have one?!) Earlier a friend and I played basketball AND raquet ball, all in avoidance of finals as well as a much needed break to expend our energy and take out all our negativity about finals week through exercise. It was a much needed stress reliever. There will be puppies in the library tomorrow, which I will definitely have to go visit.

Finals week is draining, and it's only Monday. But somehow we're all pushing through. Tonight, I resign to the fact that I am not going to get anything done. So I will relax - starting now.


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