No art?!

My Life: Kaitlin


I don?t really know what to do with myself this weekend, which is actually kind of nice. It?s generally a given that I spend all day Friday and Satu... More


My Life: Kaitlin


Sometimes it?s really hard to narrow down what you?re interested in. In high school, I had always thought that I wasn?t particularly sure what I wan... More

Uh oh

My Life: Kaitlin


I don?t know what hit me. But suddenly, I feel pretty homesick. It?s odd, because usually I see myself as a really independent person who doesn?t ca... More

Two day week!

My Life: Kaitlin


I could get used to that. I went to school Monday, got snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday, had class today, and don?t have class ever on Fridays. Th... More

Ice ice baby

My Life: Kaitlin


SNOW DAY! Actually, ICE DAY!* Ohhhh yeahhh. Today was nice and relaxing- the first snow day of the year. My friends had told me last night that a bi... More

Ghetto mass


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Second breakfast

My Life: Kaitlin


It?s sort of become a tradition. The concept started first semester, thanks to myself and my friend Lauren. This is how it went: both of us were in ... More

Baby steps

My Life: Kaitlin


Literally. It has been snowing steadily and fairly heavily all day. My friend had told me yesterday that a snow front was coming, and she was defini... More



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The army

My Life: Kaitlin


It was hard enough trying to pack up everything to go home. Being home for a month is a long time, and so I needed to take most of my life with me: ... More