The little things


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Art Hop Success!

My Life: Kaitlin


Last night was UD's 6th annual Art Hop- a night to celebrate the work of the summer artists in residence. I was one of the five artists from this summ... More

My philosophy of why I can't go to bed early on week nights.

My Life: Kaitlin


I find that even when I have the chance to go to sleep at a decent hour, I generally wind up staying awake til midnight or 1, maybe even 1:30, though ... More

Printmaking nightmare

My Life: Kaitlin


I just had an awful 3 and a half hours. Ugh!! I don't know how I'm going to finish this project. I am in a printmaking class, which is one of my fi... More

And so it begins.

My Life: Kaitlin


I forgot how crazy college life is until recently - I'm definitely not used to it yet. For whatever reason, I thought this semester would be lighte... More


My Life: Kaitlin


So basically, the Caldwell apartments are awesome. My roommates and I are the first ever residents in room 308, and our apartment looks great. We h... More

All Things New

My Life: Kaitlin


Well, Friday marks the move in day of another year at UD. I'm a junior? How did that happen? Time is flying by. I'm always a bit nervous to go back... More

My Month Home

My Life: Kaitlin


I'd say I've spent it pretty well. This summer was pretty cool, since I got to be in Dayton with friends from school, and got to work on a pretty awes... More

Visit to Delaware

My Life: Kaitlin


I'm convinced that I have the cutest nephew ever. My parents and I went up to Delaware to visit my brother, his wife, and Jonathan, my now 6 month old... More

XXI Olympiad

My Life: Kaitlin


With the debut of the XXX Summer Olympics in London, our family's 21st came at just the right time. Every year for 21 years, our family hosts an "Olym... More

Peace Out Dayton

My Life: Kaitlin


It was a last weekend well spent, that's for sure. One of my roommates finally came back from India, and came to Dayton to visit this weekend, so my f... More

Installation day

My Life: Kaitlin


I'm basically done with my project and scheduled to install the work this coming Tuesday. I honestly couldn't be more excited! I've spent the past 2 m... More

In the heat

My Life: Kaitlin


For two days in a row now, I've been outside in this crazy hot weather, but it's been a lot of fun. On Friday night, I went to a parade in Vandalia fo... More

Last minute trip to Cleveland

My Life: Kaitlin


Can't miss the Fourth with the family! I had been in a bit of a pickle since the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday this year. My family always has a hug... More