My Life: Kaitlin


Our friends are so odd. Allow me to tell you some absurd things that have been happening. My direct roommate lives in Indiana and has sheep and chick... More

Talking about Christmas (among other things)

My Life: Kaitlin


One of my roommates is doing an essay on family Christmas traditions, so she?s been surveying us all on what our families do. It?s really interesting ... More


My Life: Kaitlin


As of tomorrow, I will have officially been alive for 2 decades. That is a lot- I don?t know how I feel about it, though 20 is still young. It kind of... More


My Life: Kaitlin


If I had to estimate, I?d say that 92% of the time, standing on the elevator is awkward. I live on the 6th floor, and walking up the stairs is almost ... More

This morning..

My Life: Kaitlin


It went from nice to stressful in a hurry. I woke up on time, but my bed was too warm and comfortable for me to get out right away. Usually this happe... More

Big weekend

My Life: Kaitlin


Last night when the elevator got to the 6th floor, the door opened to Jesus and a man in a glittery suit. Welcome to Halloween weekend at UD. Last ... More


My Life: Kaitlin


I?m getting hit with things in all directions. My last blog was about me being excited to do my homework. Let?s just say that was a short-lived phase.... More

Making things!


... More

Rain makes everything so gross

My Life: Kaitlin


I guess this is obvious. But it always seems to rain steadily when I need to be walking long distances. Tuesday night, it rained on my way to the CPC ... More


My Life: Kaitlin


I?ve been exposed to so much of it recently and it?s AWESOME. I?ve listened to it and played it in so many different capacities this semester. For one... More

Mini break!

My Life: Kaitlin


It was much needed, and it was good. I got back on Wednesday night to a lovely dinner and a new looking house- we got the front of it redone since I?v... More

This is me procrastinating

My Life: Kaitlin


Ugh. I really don?t want to do anything. Today was a long day- it was good- just long. I have a physics test tomorrow and I really don?t want to study... More

Fort night

My Life: Kaitlin


Last Friday, our family room area was made into something great. For whatever reason, we decided to convert it into a fort. We got out all the blanket... More

Sometimes, failing is fun.

My Life: Kaitlin


We?re all temporarily failing. It?s midterm time. That means we all have a ton of projects and are bogged down with so much work. My roommates and I a... More

Which do you want first?

My Life: Kaitlin


Good news or bad news? I?ll tell you the good news, because thankfully there is more of it than bad. The first bit deals with fall break. The start... More