Relay for Life

My Life: Kaitlin


My friends and I created a team to partake in Relay for Life this April! The event is happening on campus April 9th-10th. It?s an all day walk for c... More



... More

M fest

My Life: Kaitlin


There?s a big event going on this Saturday on Artstreet. It?s called M fest, which is held to kick off mental health awareness week. Baiscally it?s ... More


My Life: Kaitlin


This summer has the potential to be crazy awesome. Let me explain from the beginning. I was in a band last summer/school year with some of my frien... More

Saving up

My Life: Kaitlin


I decided to save my money for something. Rollerblades. I used to rollerblade all the time when I was younger. I had these cool size-adjustable ones... More

I love spring, but...

My Life: Kaitlin


UGH. Allergies. Today the weather has been really warm. And I?ve been outside doing some things because I want to be enjoying the nice weather. But ... More

Sunflowers, balloons, and springtime

My Life: Kaitlin


Well, on Wednesday, it snowed. Quite a bit, actually. I thought it was springtime! It had been so nice out the few days before, and now the snow was... More

Orchid Mania

My Life: Kaitlin


I was watching TV one night while I was home, and my family and I saw a commercial for something called ?Orchid Mania.? This caught my attention bec... More

Good news!!!

My Life: Kaitlin


I?m so excited, for so many reasons. One, I am home, and get to eat wonderful home cooked meals, see my family, and meet my aunt?s new puppy tonight.... More

One more day!

My Life: Kaitlin


I cannot wait until spring break. Though, it?s not really much of a break ? it?s technically only 2 days plus the weekend. I?ll be done with school ... More

Everything just got stressful

My Life: Kaitlin


I need to vent. There are a ton of things going on right now that are pretty much out of my control, but that I need to deal with. First off, there?... More

Who wants to model?

My Life: Kaitlin


So, I?m in a figure drawing class. This means that I have to draw people. Which I?m excited about, since I never really have drawn humans well befor... More