New Blog Site (sort of!)

06.21.2012 | Current Events

Hey everyone! So it's been a while since I've gotten a blog out. The good news? We bloggers have a spiffy new site in which we publish our blogs! There were all kinds of problems previously, but now there seems to have been a blogging revival, and quite some time and energy have gone into making things look snazzier here on can now add images, and different types! We can add videos as well, which is super cool. I'm going to have to practice with all the new features in order to use all the new tools to their full potential.

What's been new with me? My life has been CRAZY. For one, Orpheus art and literary magazine came out for Fall 2012. I worked on this as the assistant designer, and the senior designer and I were able to do some pretty cool things. We used a sparkly vellum paper, and metallic ink on the inside and front cover. It turned out to be pretty cool, and most people have said they really like the design which is exciting! We also had our first EHS (Ebony Heritage Singers) concert, which I will probably write a full blog about soon! But it was an amazing experience! I've been asked to participate in a "special problems" design class next semester with the department head, which I'm pretty pumped about. I also may be taking a mini course that involves metal type-setting like back in the old days!

More blogs on all these things to come soon, in better detail! But I'm back in action, and super excited to be using this new site!


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