1, 2, 3, chaos

01.22.2012It begins all at once. Classes, walking, more classes, reading, studying, projects, editing, re-doing, writing, piano playing, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, trying to maintain a social life, Mass, hanging out, studying some more, grocery shopping ... College. It's so busy and we haven't even had a full week of classes. I'm not used to seeing 10 emails in my inbox every time I check it. But everything is now in full swing. I have places to be and things to do - enough to keep me occupied to the point where it's hard to think about anything else. I'm not used to all of this yet, but I will be in another week or so when things start to settle. (IF things start to settle.) Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I hope that it goes well. I start at 8am, and my day looks like this: 8 - 9:45 Typography lab 11 - 11:50 Publication design 1 - 1:50 Philosophy of art 3 - 4:15 Typography lecture 7 - 8:00ish - Music ministry meeting Yikes. I dread setting an alarm for 6:55am. But, I am blessed to get to be at a great school like UD. Things aren't that bad at all.