11.06.2011As of tomorrow, I will have officially been alive for 2 decades. That is a lot- I don’t know how I feel about it, though 20 is still young. It kind of stinks that my birthday is on a Monday, but the fact that it was parent’s weekend made up for it. My parents and grandparents came down today to go out to dinner with my for my birthday – Cheesecake Factory. :) It was really nice to see them, and I’m looking forward to coming home for Thanksgiving. This morning was also pretty fun. I had to sing in the choir for family weekend mass. I say “had to” because I’m not really a singer; I’m a piano player, so this pushed me out of my comfort zone. I sing alto, which is lower than soprano, and in my limited range (more or less.) I had to be at mass at 8:30 this morning to rehearse, and then mass started at 10. My throat is actually pretty sore. Right now though, I should probably go and do some homework. I haven’t done much this weekend, and I feel like I don’t have much… but I probably do. Sigh. A fun weekend draws to a close. But hopefully my actual birthday tomorrow will be fun despite school! Knowing my roommates and friends, it probably will be.