11.24.2011It started out with me simply licking the bowls and the spatulas. Now it has evolved to me baking almost two whole pies by myself. This is the annual pie making day with my grandma. I am the only one who helps with the pies for Thanksgiving. We make 4: pecan, chocolate, berry, and pumpkin. I have been entrusted with the filling for the pecan pie, and most of the filling of the chocolate as well. I look off the recipe in the age-old book that’s falling apart at the seams. There are stains on the pages- a sign of good use. We put flour on our faces to show that we’ve been toiling all day when my mom comes to eat lunch with us. After the pies are made, my grandpa is allowed in the kitchen to make lunch for my grandma, my mom, and me. He generally makes grilled cheese sandwiches, with pickles, and Pringles on the side. It’s the same every year, and it’s nice for something to be constant like that. Pie day is one of my favorite days of the year, because it signifies the fact that Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is coming!