50 cent 3-course meal

02.12.2012This isn't a joke. This past Friday night, some of my friends and I went to this Price is Right game show night at KU sponsored by CAB (Campus Activities Board). It was free, and we had the chance to win iPods, iPads, flat screen TV's, and things of that nature. Unfortunately we didn't end up winning anything, but it was it was fun nonetheless. Anyway, after the night, they announced that KU was putting on a Valentine's Day dinner on Saturday night, and that tickets were only $1 per couple. My friends and I decided we couldn't pass up the opportunity, so we bought 3 tickets and figured we'd find people to go with us. The dinner was last night, and we ended up bringing other people, so there were 5 of us total. We got all dressed up and headed over to KU Torch Lounge. There were round tables with white tablecloths. The dinner included salad, rolls, a choice of chicken or pasta, cake, and coffee. It was incredible! And all for 50 cents per person! It seemed almost too good to be true, but there was no catch. It ended up being a super fun night - good/cheap food, and great friends. Who could pass that up?