Breathing, for a little bit


10:02 AM, sitting in a very large chair in the LTC. Sitting Indian-style, pumpkin coffee on the table next to me. Not a bad start to the morning. I came here to drop off a flashdrive to someone in one of the offices (I had edited some pictures.) I basically ran here from Caldwell because I underestimated what 43 degrees felt like.. definitely thought it would be a lot warmer than it was. Instead of hustling back home and fully starting my crazy day, I decided I'd find a cozy corner in the LTC (there's lots of those) and sit for a little while.

So here I am.

The opportunity to sit and breathe doesn't arise often in college. I feel like I'm always running from one place to the next- class, home, CPC, bank, home, grocery store, friend's house... Don't get me wrong I like it. But I also like being stationary for a while too. Perhaps I'm just avoiding the cold wind outside, or procrastinating on starting the things I need to start, but I'd like to think that I deserve this small break, and that downtime can be a healthy and replenishing thing.

I think I will just sit here for a little while longer, until my coffee is gone, and then begin the day for real. I have to go to the CPC to work on a couple projects, then maybe to KU, then back to the CPC, and to the bank..but I won't think about any of that right this minute! I'll fit it all in, it will be all good. Plus, it's Friday. The weekend officially starts around 4PM. I can make it til then.