Dinner with Marianists

06.21.2012 | Catholic

Over Christmas break, I volunteered to design some invitations for various Marianist events happening on campus in January and February. I was in contact with a woman in the campus ministry department, and we had been emailing back and forth. She seemed to really like the work I was doing, and I was glad that I could help out. The invitations were for events that spanned a 2 month period; one of the events was a Marianist Founders Dinner, in which (I assumed) people would gather together to celebrate the founders of the Marianists: Chaminade, Adele, and Marie Thérèse. The dinner also had an international theme, and this is all I really knew about it.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from the woman I was designing for, saying that if I was able to, she would like it if I came to the dinner to see the fruits of my work. I greatly appreciated the invite, and not knowing what this dinner would be like, I showed up to KU Ballroom last Wednesday evening without having met the person I had been emailing back and forth with! To my surprise, there were several people I knew; many of my friends were in attendance as they are part of Marianist Student Communities this year. I recognized many Brothers, faculty, and staff, and it was very cool to see my work on all the name tags worn by those in attendance, as well as on all the tables. I was placed at a table with people I had never met, but who were all very friendly. It was great getting to know them and their involvement with the Marianists, and it was equally as great hearing from 3 speakers who told their story of their involvement with the Marianists as well, while addressing issues such as globalization and technology in relation to building community. The panel discussions were meant to foster dialogue among the tables after dinner was finished, and it was a great experience talking to people about my thoughts on these topics, as well as hearing their own.

This night just proved to me one of the reasons why I am so blessed to attend this school. Only at UD would I be able to volunteer my design talent, and end up talking about globalization in reference to the Marianist charism at a fancy dinner! It was definitely an experience that was so uniquely "UD," and proof that taking opportunities that come my way can lead to so much more.


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