, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you.


The past couple weeks have been the busiest this year by far. In list format, here are some things I've been doing since I last got on here -

-Memorized 90 powerpoint slides for an art history test- only was tested on 5
-Went to Fusian (sushi place on Brown street) for the very first time - got chicken
-Revised and reprinted my typography posters 3 times now - turning them in Monday
-Went home for the mini fall break - saw family, went to a pumpkin patch
-Took a midterm yesterday for my design processes class - went well
-Sent in for an absentee ballot! - Haven't gotten it yet
-Started working on the design for the layout of Orpheus - got a long way to go
-Cooked some really good dinners with my roommates - instead of doing homework
-Got pumpkin spice coffee creamer - hello, fall!
-Edited close to 100 images for work - just finished last night
-Went to Rocktoberfest on Artstreet! - made a little painting and listened to live music
-Helped set up / checked out TODT (an art group's) exhibition in the CPC - crazy stuff

I can't think of any more but I'm sure there are lots. Regardless, this has been the busiest I've ever been.. I'm thinking things are starting to wind down but I can't be sure! Just have to keep pressing through!