XXI Olympiad


With the debut of the XXX Summer Olympics in London, our family's 21st came at just the right time.

Every year for 21 years, our family hosts an "Olympic Day," a day where we form teams and compete in various challenges. My grandma, who hosts in her backyard, is the one who keeps all the official data — how many points each person scored each year, who was on which team, what the weather was like, etc. From the previous years' statistics, my grandma seeds the 3 teams, putting players of all different skill levels on each to maintain a balance.

This past weekend, we gathered at 3PM and the games began. The teams were announced, and we started with throwing darts — then putting, shuffle board, throwing tennis balls into a basket, bocce ball, and lastly the two relays. The first relay consisted of carrying macaroni noodles back to a bowl on a knife — fairly difficult. Our team came in last place in the event, which severely hurt our chances of first place. The last relay was simple — run down with a cup, get as much water as you can from a bucket, come back, and dump it carefully into a small hole in the lid of the team bucket. Our team dominated this relay, but unfortunately still came in last place all around.

These "Olympics," though every year, are better than the kind that come around every four. :)