< b > Bold < /b >


^This is some basic HTML language that I have picked up over the course of the years. In designing a website, there is obviously a very large code corresponding to what one sees when on the website. If this title were part of the code, the text would appear in bold font instead of normal font.

Why am I talking about this?

I’m the so-called webmaster of the substance free group, Club 6, next year. And being so, I need to create a website, or at least re-work last year’s. This means I need to brush up on my HTML knowledge which I dabbled with while in grade school, actually. When Myspace was big, I would mess with different layout page codes and try to change them around. I was pretty good at it, but now I forget most of it (of course.) Hopefully I’ll be able to regain some of it soon.

I just ordered CS5.5 (Creative Suite) for school. It’s a bundle of computer design programs for my Apple computer- I need these programs being a design major. Anyhow, the software includes a program called Dreamweaver which is a website creator. I’m hoping the software comes in soon, because I’m really excited to start designing this website. I’m sure I’ll be frustrated at first, and that it will take some time, but I’m anticipating a really nice looking site. This will be my first attempt at real live web design, so I’m really excited to start!!