"These are awful... start over."

02.04.2012Not necessarily the thing you want to hear from a teacher. The story goes as follows: in my typography class (the study of text and fonts), we were doing this project where we needed copies of parts of letters. The copies needed to be zoomed in to something like 1,350%. Problem is that normal copy machines only zoom for 400%. So we would have to make a copy at 400%, and copy THAT one to get it up to the 1,000-ish percentile. We had to do this for 24 letters, which meant that we'd be making a lot of copies to figure out the right size and the right angle. After they were copied, we had to retouch the fuzzy edges with a fine sharpie, and then copy THOSE to get final, clean, letters. Then we needed to cut out sections of the letters, (precisely 21x21 pica squares) and have them done by Wednesday morning at 8am. (This was assigned Monday, by the way.) My friends and I knew this process would take a while. We had a break at noon, so we hurried over to the KU copy center before our 1:30 class. It took us about an hour to get all the copies we needed - 53 copies for me. Then we went to class, and planned on retouching the letters when we got out, and then going back to KU to copy the retouched ones for our finals. While we were retouching, our teacher was in her office, so I took some of the letters to her and asked her how they looked. To which she replied, "These are awful... you're going to have to start over." She wasn't kidding. The ink wasn't black enough -in fact they copied about 3 shades lighter than the samples she had, meaning we'd have to recopy everything. On the verge of tears, the 3 of us came home and took some deep breaths. Then we went to Office Max by the Dayton mall. (We got smoothies on the way because we were all so upset.) Fortunately the Office Max copy machines were actually good, and so we began the copying process again. Then we sat on the floor and retouched all 24 letters precisely, and then re-copied them, making doubles in case we messed up on the cutting. Then we came home, ate dinner, and finally cut them all out - we were finished around 11:30. All in all, I made 125 copies. And I finally just finished the last step of the project this afternoon. It looks really good, actually - I'm quite pleased with it. And for the record - the next time somebody says being an art major is easy, guess again. It's not. And this is just one class.