A busy but good week

06.21.2012 | Current Events

This week, though it was insanely busy as usual, was an exciting one. For starters, we had Monday off for Martin Luther King day, so it became a 4-day week. (Three days for me, technically, because I don't have Friday classes!) Ironically, Friday's are generally my most productive day! (More on that later.)

I received some very exciting news this week. The artwork I created for studio A at Artstreet was selected for a Hermes Award. (An award from the Dayton chapter of the American Advertising Federation.) The piece I did for Artstreet is more towards the fine arts side, I would say, and the Hermes Awards are generally for more traditional advertising (print, branding, book design, etc.) My professors encouraged me to submit it anyway, and I received word this week that it was chosen as award-winning. We had also submitted this fall's publication of Orpheus, the art and literary magazine for which I am the assistant designer, and it also got chosen for an award! That means I have two pieces in the show, which is for professional designers as well as students. There will be a big gala downtown in February, that the department plans to get a table at and that I will obviously be attending with some faculty and other students!

Today has also been quite a nice day. There is a ton of snow outside that's been accumulating all morning; campus looks so pretty! (And is also a bit dangerous.) I was able to take some pretty pictures of the snow on my way to work, as well as a neat picture out the third floor window of KU that are posted below. The rest of the afternoon, I am going to be under a blanket reading a book. Then my roommate and I are cooking dinner, and heading to Cinci for the Cincinnati Orchestra concert; we were able to get $65 tickets for $12, so it will be a really great evening I'm sure. I'm very thankful for all the exciting things that have happened this week. Hoping for an equally nice weekend!

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