A call from El Salvador!

03.12.2012One of our roommates is studying abroad this semester in El Salvador. (I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but feel the need to mention it again, since my blog is about her.) Anyways, yesterday I was studying for a midterm and I was getting super burned out when my phone started ringing with a number I didn't know. Now lately I've been getting political calls, or credit card courtesy calls, or calls from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Usually I just don't answer, or answer and promptly press "end." But yesterday I decided to answer and was quite surprised to hear a real person on the other side. I asked who it was, since I was so caught off guard, and it turned out it was my roommate in El Salvador! She was using a calling card and decided to give me a call and see how things were back at UD. She was talking about how she missed our floor and room so much, and how fun everything is here. But she's having a great time in El Salvador. She's met a lot of new people, and I'm sure she's improved her Spanish by a million times. The things she's doing down there sound so awesome, and I'm so proud of her for being brave enough to study there for a whole semester! I miss her so much, but I was so excited that I got to hear from her. She's been able to access Facebook a tiny bit here and there, but it was a lot cooler to get to hear her voice. I won't be able to see her until next year, or perhaps later this summer because she'll be going to India! (She's crazy.) But long story short, I miss her a lot, and I am so happy I got to talk with her for a while!