A day in the life of Kaitlin

09.14.2011Here’s a typical Wednesday. Wake up to my phone alarm at 7:55 AM. Drink coffee, eat breakfast, go to class. Generally I drive and keep my fingers crossed on the way in hopes to find a parking spot on Brown Street. Arrive at school. Learn about how to use highly complicated CS5 programs in computer design. Take a 15-minute lunch break before my next class (visual form), where I do more complex computer design work for 3 hours. Come home, generally with tired eyes, and sit on my bed, couch, or chair in the living room. Get back in my car and meet the girl I play piano with for noon mass at KU. Plan what songs we’re going to play for Sunday mass. Meet with Father Jerry to get the songs we selected approved. Make copies of music if at all possible. Come home. Grab dinner really quick. Head back out to go to my 6PM music ministry course. Come home (finally), more tired than after my morning classes. Sit. Do homework. Get distracted from homework. Finally call it quits, shower, and then sleep. Currently I’m at the “come home and sit on the couch” phase. And I’ll be off to my meeting in a few minutes!