A lot of sad news..

06.09.2012Many people need prayers. In the past couple weeks, several terrible things have happened to young kids, including 2 deaths within the UD community. We got an email last week about an accidental death of a student from Chicago who was going to be a sophomore this coming year. His friends and family of course need prayers. On Memorial Day weekend, a friend of mine was going canoeing with some friends. One of her friends go out of the canoe to swim, and hit his head, causing spinal damage. The doctors did several surgeries that coming week, but due to many complications, he didn't make it through. He had just turned 21, had already been accepted into med school, and had just gotten engaged. His family, his friends, and his fiancee and her family need many prayers. I feel so awful for all of them - I can't even imagine what they are feeling. Back home, 5 teens got into a car accident, and only 1 survived. Two that passed away were going to be graduating high school in just a few days. Obviously their friends, family, and high school communities need prayers too. I don't know why things like this happen. But hearing all this news within a week has been pretty rattling. It's a reminder of how delicate life is. If there can be any positives from these situations, it would the ways the UD community and the communities back home have come together to show support for all these families and friends. There has been an outpouring of prayers, and many people are sending cards and thoughts to the families.