A week with the brothers


(Marianist brothers.)

Back during first semester, Father Jerry asked me if I would be able to come to Dayton for a week and play piano for a Marianist brothers' retreat at Bergamo (15 minutes from campus.) Of course I said that I would - I would only need to be there for 2 hours a day for a week to play piano. And this week is the week of the retreat.

While my days have been crazy with going straight from work to Bergamo, the retreat has been really cool. I show up an hour before mass, which starts at 5:00, so that I can go over the songs; I don't find out what songs will be played until I get there, so sometimes it's a bit stressful! But so far it's gone smoothly. There are only two more days left, but I plan to go back to Bergamo to explore the grounds a bit more after retreat is done.

I've also met some amazing Marianists! One plays clarinet with me as I play piano, and he's able to pick up any melody by ear, which is awesome. I also met another who taught a printing class, and who was talking to me about working with metal type before computers. (So cool since that's right up my alley!) And overall, everyone there is just so friendly. Despite the chaos, it has been a peaceful week, and I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to be there.