All Things New


Well, Friday marks the move in day of another year at UD. I'm a junior? How did that happen? Time is flying by. I'm always a bit nervous to go back, but mostly excited. Honestly the first couple weeks (for me) are the best and the worst. The best because I get to see all my friends, and the worst because I have to set up all new routines for myself.

So goodbye, Cleveland. It was a fun month, and it's been great to see all my friends and family here. And hello again, Dayton. I'll be moving into the brand new Caldwell apartments. My roommate is already there, and she made a video tour of our place, and it looks REALLY nice. I'm excited to have a kitchen again, and to be living right across from the CPC where most of my classes are. I'm a little nervous about getting back into all the work and business; sometimes I forget how packed of a schedule I always have at school, and right now it seems a little daunting. But if I did it the past two years, I can do it again. Plus, isn't that what college is all about? Doing everything you possibly can, and staying up late with friends? :)

See you soon, UD! I've missed you!