And so it begins.


I forgot how crazy college life is until recently - I'm definitely not used to it yet. For whatever reason, I thought this semester would be lighter than last, but I was dead wrong. (I guess I should have expected that, though.) I'm taking on a lot - but I wouldn't give up any of them for anything. In addition to my studio classes, I will continue to be playing piano for noon mass on Sundays. I'm also working in the LTC, making graphics/doing photography and other projects for the Isidore site.

Two new things that I'm VERY excited about, even though they will take up a good chunk of my time, are Orpheus and EHS (Ebony Heritage Singers.) This year, I'm the assistant designer of Orpheus, the art and literary magazine. That means I'll be working with the senior designer in forming a layout arrangement for the publication. We want to take it to new levels this year, and we're both really excited about making it unique.

Also, I joined EHS, which is a gospel choir open to all students on campus. I had the first rehearsal tonight - whew! It's pretty tough! All the music is learned by ear, and our instructor speeds through it pretty quickly. But the sounds that we make as a group are awesome. I'm really looking forward to our performances!

I should probably do some homework! Good luck this week, everyone!