Art Hop Success!


Last night was UD's 6th annual Art Hop- a night to celebrate the work of the summer artists in residence. I was one of the five artists from this summer, and our work was scattered throughout campus - mine at ArtStreet, the rest at the library, LTC, and Rike Center. Basically, Art Hop is a reception and a chance to "hop around" to see all the work from the summer.

The cool thing is that my parents came down to be there! It started at 4:30 in the Rike Center, with appetizers and socializing. People were free to move around to the different locations at their leisure. We went to see all the other work which was pretty awesome seeing hung up - I had only seen it in progress, and never had the chance to see the final pieces hung until last night. Everything turned out really nicely, and everyone got a lot of compliments.

We went to see my work last, where the instructor of the program said, "play us something on the piano!" (since there's a piano in the room where my work is.) So I did! It was pretty fun, and the new ArtStreet director was there to hear it, and to talk with me about my project which was really cool! After the evening was over, my parents and I went out to dinner, which was wonderful. Then, sadly, I had to return to the world of homework and quizzes, but it was definitely a pretty sweet Tuesday!