Back on campus!

05.14.2012It's official - I'm back at UD. It's kind of weird being back and not seeing people all over the place, but at the same time it's really peaceful. My parents drove down with me to help me unpack all my things and set up my new room. Get this - I'm living in a double in Marycrest, but I don't have a roommate, meaning I have a whole lot of space to myself. It's the biggest room I've ever had, actually. And it's free - because I'm an Artist In Resident, I get the benefit of free housing here. My room is on the 7th floor and it overlooks campus, which is awesome. For one thing, I don't have anyone romping around above me because I'm on the top floor, and for another, the view is really great. I'll get to see the sunsets at night, and all the green space of Marycrest and KU field. (I can see the chapel too!) My parents got my room set up in no time - my bed is made, and the other bed has been turned into a "couch." My food is all on one shelf, clothes in drawers, shirts hung up, printer and tv plugged in, clock's on the wall - the whole shabang. All I have to do is hang my pictures on the walls, and get my desk set up, and I'm good to go. We'll see how long it takes me to figure out which drawer things are in, but hopefully I'll adjust in no time!