Big weekend

10.29.2011Last night when the elevator got to the 6th floor, the door opened to Jesus and a man in a glittery suit. Welcome to Halloween weekend at UD. Last night, our room needed to get to the Halloween store to get a ton of decorations for the party we’re hosting tonight in Campus South’s basement. We got a lot of things- spider webs, fake knives, a bloody hand, a few backdrops, etc. It’s going to be a big party, so we wanted to do it up big. I’m being Tinkerbell, so I picked up a pair of wings at the store too. Today, our room (6A), decided to challenge the boys’ room (6F) to laser tag. Our room dressed up in all black and put war paint on our faces. The boys wore the same red shirts and jeans, and white headbands with their room number and nicknames on them. We drove in separate cars and yelled out the window to each other on the way there. And when we got there, it was war. We played two games- the boys won, but we’ll pretend that they didn’t. It was a ton of fun. Some of us ran into each other and fell to the ground, some of us tagged our own players, some of us got tagged consistently – it was quite a scene. But it was so much fun. I’m so glad our room is close to the guys’ room… we all get along really well, and are planning more adventures like rollerskating, salsa dancing, and ice skating. But right now, I have to start getting ready for our big party tonight! Happy Halloween!