10.25.2011I’m getting hit with things in all directions. My last blog was about me being excited to do my homework. Let’s just say that was a short-lived phase. I’m excited about some aspects of it, but as a whole, I’m definitely not looking forward to it. Let me explain what I have to do over the next few days. I have two big design projects due this Monday. One is a collage made in Photoshop. I find objects and scan them all into my computer in order to put them into Photoshop. Additionally, I can only use the scanners at the CPC because they’re really high quality, which we need for a design project. On Tuesday, I have a second midterm in my art history class. This means, I have an essay due as well as a test in class. Great. I also found out that I have to give an advocacy speech that day, and I have no clue what my topic is going to be yet. Wednesday, I have a second midterm due for my music ministry mini-course, for which I have to plan a whole wedding mass. (What’s up with these second midterms? I don’t approve.) And I think (?) after Wednesday, things MAY start to slow down a bit… but we will see. Time to work!