Bring on the flood

07.22.2011 At home AND at work. The weather has been pretty extreme lately. Our thermometer has been reading 102 for the past two days – I can’t remember it being that hot here for a very long time. It’s almost like being out west plus humidity, which may be even worse. Regardless, it’s been hot. And being outside at work has been hot. It hasn’t been as fun lately because not many customers want to shop at a garden center in the heat, but at the same time, the plants need constant watering. So I’m outside for a while and beginning to sweat within a few minutes. Yuck. In a very opposite extreme, however, there’s been flooding. It stormed one night here and in the morning, there was mulch all over our yard. We didn’t exactly understand how or why it got there. We have a little retention base behind our yard and concluded that it flooded, and flowed all the way into our yard, completely washing the mulch out of the back beds and leaving it behind in the grass when it receded. It was pretty odd. And today at work, out of nowhere it began to rain late in the afternoon - and man, it came down. Thunder, lightening, sideways rain, the whole nine yards. It came down so fast that the back where all the vegetables are began to flood with about 2 feet of water. All the guys working were running around with heavy bags of sand and potting soil trying to barricade the door so no more water came in underneath it. It was pretty intense. Speaking of flooding- I won’t have to worry about it at all at school because I’m on the 6th floor, safe from the storms. :)