Cat stories

12.21.2011Recently, there have been random cats entering my life. Don’t ask me why- maybe it’s a sign I should get one as a pet or something. Who knows. But the other day when I left Campus South, there was a cat standing there at the door. He looked like a stray, but he wanted to follow me to wherever I was going. He was super cute, and just stood by the door waiting for someone to take him in. Last week, one of my roommates came into the apartment with an adorably fluffy, sleepy cat in her arms. One of the girls on our floor had found her outside, and brought her in for a little bit. (I know, we are not allowed to have pets. Don’t worry, we put her back outside.) Anyhow, we held the kitty for a little bit in our hallway, and she fell asleep in our arms. She was adorable until we saw a bug crawling on her, and freaked out about her having fleas or ticks. This is when we sent her back outside. We all took showers fairly quickly after this. Then I came home for break. The second day here, a cat walked across our deck and into our yard. Naturally, I went outside, and to my surprise, the cat came trotting over, meowing the whole way. It came up to my and rolled over on its back, purring while I pet it. When I went to go back in the house, the cat lept up and followed me, meowing until I pet it. It was adorable; I was sad to leave it outside, but we couldn’t bring it in since it wasn’t ours. Sooo.. I don’t know what the deal is, or where all these cats are coming from. But they are cute, and I don’t mind that they’re around.