Catching Up Since Christmas Break

01.28.2014 | Current Events

I want to begin making a schedule to ensure that I blog more often than I do when I'm busy! Unfortunately, it seems like I'm busy all the time, but that's the life of a 22 year old, I suppose.

I thought I would jump back on the blogging scene by telling a pretty hilarious story from Christmas break.

I went to Puerto Rico to visit my friend for New Years, and on New Years Day we went for quite the adventure. Her cousin was kind enough and offered to take us to see a bioluminescent bay—it's a bay in which the water glows because of microscopic bacteria/organisms in the water, and you can only see it at night. We left in the afternoon, loading up his truck with food and 2 kayaks that we would be rowing to the beach. (Mind you, I've never actually kayaked before.) We rowed through a small channel with mangrove trees on either side, finally made it to the beach, and basically camped out there until the sun went down. Then we began to make our way back to the bay to see the water.

Keep in mind that I am slightly afraid of the ocean, and especially afraid of the ocean at night.

As we were rowing through the bay, you could run your hand through the water, which left a bright trail of what looked like glitter (So cool!) Then we approached the pitch black canal, and with nothing but glowsticks, we entered. I was in the front of the kayak and could hear fish splashing around me, but couldn't see a thing. Suddenly I thought I felt something hit my leg—it's just water, right? I ignored it and kept rowing, until I heard a strange flopping noise between my feet in the front of the kayak. I proclaimed "I THINK THERE'S A FISH IN THE BOAT," stopped rowing, scrambled to turn on my headlamp, and looked down to see a shrimp flopping around in the kayak. Using my oar, I tried to launch him out, to no avail, as he flipped closer to me. Hearing the commotion, my friend's cousin stopped rowing; we caught up with him and he grabbed the shrimp with his hand and threw it back into the water.

Let's just say I've never been more terrified of a shrimp in my life. But the kayaking adventure was unlike anything I've ever done before. It was truly amazing to come in contact with such beauty. Below are a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip!

Photo Gallery


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