Chalking up the city streets

09.22.2011This past weekend was a ton of fun. One of the girls I live with told our room about this event called Urban Nights in the city. It was basically a city festival with live music, food, comedy acts, art galleries, and tons of other things set up along the streets. As a room, we all decided to go – it was meant to be roommate-bonding time since we’re all so busy during the week. We got downtown around 6 and began wandering around. There was a pretty decent crowd outside the courthouse, which was the main starting location of the event. There they had live music, food, and people repelling down the wall of the bank. It was pretty crazy. Then we started to walk around the streets. They had upright pianos set up in random locations on the sidewalk. My friends convinced me that it would be a good idea to play- I was kind of nervous because there was a crowd around the piano, but I went up and played Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag- people seemed to enjoy it, and I had a lot of fun. Throughout the night we walked through a few art galleries, which were pretty awesome. And one of my favorite parts was a huge table with buckets of chalk that we were allowed to use to draw on the sidewalks. My group of friends and I pretty much covered a whole block- it was awesome. It Urban Nights is an annual thing, I’m definitely going to go back.