11.15.2011Our friends are so odd. Allow me to tell you some absurd things that have been happening. My direct roommate lives in Indiana and has sheep and chickens. One night she referred to me as “little chicken,” and all the roommates loved this. The name “chicken” has caught on, and now our whole room and all our friends are calling each other chicken. It’s endearing in an odd way, and pretty funny too, because now we all respond to it. We also have this huge whiteboard hanging on our wall, that we draw on in dry erase markers. We drew a ton of chickens on it this week and labeled them all as us – it’s pretty amusing. Gosh, we’re such weird people. Then today, my friend Lauren and I were going to develop film at the CPC. We were getting on the elevator and so was one of my other roommates who was rushing out the door. One of the boys knew this, and because boys like to torment people, ran out and pressed a bunch of the buttons on the elevator so that it was stop at every floor before one. We had to press the door close button at each floor so that we could get down to the lobby. Now I’m procrastinating on my homework! As are the rest of us. But I really need to get things done! This is a busy week. Every week is a busy week. Counting down to Thanksgiving!