Christmas break adventures

01.04.2013 | Students

I don't know what it is about this Christmas break, but so far it has flown by. I'm so surprised to know that there is only a week left until I'm headed back to school! I'm not sure that I'm ready for all the craziness of classes and people to start back up, but I guess I won't really have a choice! I am excited to get back, though. I miss my roommates a ton, and I can't wait to get back to living with them for a new semester.

This break has been pretty busy, and pretty awesome! I got to see my nephew Jonathan who will be 1 in February. My brother, his wife, and Jonathan came in on Christmas Day in time for the big family dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. They spent a few days at our house, and it was awesome to play with the little guy, who now is able to crawl and stand himself up at the edges of tables (which is quite scary sometimes.)

I also just got back from Chicago/Indiana two days ago - some friends and I met gathered at our friend's house in Chicago for New Years, which was a lot of fun. (I drove to South Bend on the 30th, and then my friend and I headed to our other friend's in Chicago that morning.) We spent New Years Day in the city - surprisingly it wasn't crowded at all! The high was 23 degrees - felt like 12 - the whole time we were there. We walked around and got deep dish pizza, and I even took my first cab ride! Pretty cool!

Other fun things that have happened: We saw Mannheim Steamroller! I went snowboarding yesterday! I am designing invitations for Marianist events at school! I have seen high school friends and lots of family! All in all - a pretty great break, I'd say!


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